An Exciting Week of Crowd Driven Screenings

Madison Scouts alumni at the Mason, OH screening on March 30, 2015 Audience members in Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin attended screenings of our drum corps movie this past week thanks to our “Theatrical On Demand” partner Gathr Films. There were large turnouts at all the locations?and for the first time we had two screenings happening on the same night in two different locations! Our film not only inspires people by showing them a unique... Read More

YAMAHA ? The Official Presenter of Scouts Honor

Today we are thrilled to share some exciting news with you, the supporters of our documentary film.??The YAMAHA Corporation has proudly agreed to be the Official Presenter of?Scouts Honor: Inside A Marching Brotherhood.??YAMAHA has been a behind-the-scenes supporter of the project for years and we feel that our movie will be a great way to spotlight the company?s significant contribution to the drum and bugle corps activity and music programs of... Read More

YAMAHA and “Scouts Honor”

Belgian bass drummer, Stijn playing a YAMAHA bass drum during the Madison Scouts’ spring training session in Bloomington, Indiana (May 2012)                     Over the past year we’ve been developing a relationship with YAMAHA. They have very close ties with the Madison Scouts which goes back 29 years. ?The Madison Scouts were the first drum & bugle corps to use YAMAHA instruments... Read More