Scouts’ Alumni interviewed on the Marching Roundtable

We were very pleased this morning when we heard the new podcast episode from the Marching Roundtable. ?We knew it was going to be about the Madison Scouts’ 75th Anniversary Event and we knew who they interviewed about the festivities, but we had no knowledge of what was talked about specifically during the 45 minute interview. Tim Hinton from the Marching Roundtable interviewed Robert Pilot (70’s Madison Scouts’ alumnus), Chuck Henson... Read More

Introducing our Composer

There are lots of ideas, considerations, decisions, and experiments when it comes to putting a movie together. In many ways a movie and especially a documentary doesn’t become a movie until hundreds of hours are spent in the editing room. ?While “Scouts Honor” is a music centric documentary we’ve always had ideas in the back of our minds about how to supplement the drum corps music with musical score. ?We wanted to contrast... Read More

Anatomy of a Teaser

We’ve gotten a lot of compliments on our teaser trailer that we posted a month ago. It’s very cinematic and the credit truly goes to Nathan Haugaard for his amazing Steadicam work. Many of the crew members that we’ve hired were drum corps veterans and Nathan is no exception. His enthusiasm for the activity could not be contained. Not only was he excited to shoot with us, he quickly learned where he could and more importantly couldn’t... Read More

Your Commitment to “Scouts Honor” Continues to Inspire

Members from the 1969 Nisei Ambassadors We are pleased to announce that we received a substantial contribution today in the form of a check from the?Nisei Ambassadors Drum Corps Alumni. ?This corps, based out of Chicago, Illinois, folded in 1972. ?A few of their members went on to march in the Madison Scouts soon after that. ?They have a trust that helps kids in need participate in the activity. ?We’d like to thank Terry Nakagawa for reaching... Read More

Q&A with the Scouts Honor Filmmakers

  As?you may know, Saturday, June 29th is the date for the Madison Scouts’ traditional home show, “Drums on Parade.” ?We thought that it would be fun to celebrate this great day with a special event for you folks who have been so instrumental in the creation of “Scouts Honor.” ?At Noon (CST) on June 29th we will be hosting a “Hangout On Air” on Google+. ?If you have never heard of a “Hangout On... Read More

How Tom Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Drum Corps

Snares and cymbals during the classic 1995 Madison Scouts show (Tom is on the right side)                               I can’t remember the exact moment, but when I was probably 8 or 9 years old I fell for music.? Like head-over-heels, butterflies in the stomach fell.? At first it was just playing 45s in my bedroom or listening to the radio while my friends and I roller... Read More

Will you excite one person?

One of the questions that we are often asked from our supporters is: “What else can I do to help?”? Well, one of the simplest ways does not cost a penny and takes just a few seconds.? Of course, we are talking about building our support network by letting your friends, colleagues, fellow music and film lovers, and families know about “Scouts Honor.” Since the inception of this project, we have been overwhelmed by the support... Read More

Assembling the Rough Cut

Screengrab from a scene involving Hunter & Madison Scouts' visual staff member, Nick Monzi in Mac's Final Cut Pro X project.   We must have hundreds of hours worth of HD video and audio for “Scouts Honor”. ?Our crew shot on and off for just over a year (from July 2011 through August 2012). ?Months were spent combing through the material and now we are assembling it into a story. ?There are many hours of great material,... Read More

Help Establish a National Marching Arts Day

Hi everyone, We wanted to draw your attention to something that we think is pretty special.? There is currently an on-line petition seeking to establish a day in which to honor the marching arts.? The petition requests the declaration of March 4th as National Marching Arts Day.? This would be a day to reflect on the amazing things that all types of marching arts organizations (drum and bugle corps, marching bands, color guards, military bands,... Read More

The Final Results of the March to the Rough Cut

Hi everybody, We want to thank everybody who participated in “The March To The Rough Cut” fundraiser!? Thanks to your support, the campaign was a huge success and the funds raised are going to go far in the post-production activity on “Scouts Honor,” including the assembling of the rough cut of the film. As you know, the contest portion of the fundraiser included a prize of a bonus featurette for the section of the corps who... Read More

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