A Chance to Grow Drum Corps

Each drum corps has their own style, history and rabid fan base. You can compare drum corps to professional football teams in many ways, and you could argue for?days whether each group had a good year, a bad year or if they are heading in the right or wrong direction with their program. This is a competitive activity and the public likes to see a clear winner and analyze the scores. We understand that there are fans of the activity that live and... Read More

Music in the Smith House & How I Ended Up Marching Drum Corps

Following our brother during a high school band parade in Omaha, Nebraska. (1979) Music was ever-present in my life from a very young age.? I was born with much older siblings who played the tuba, and bass in various ensembles.? They took after our father who played tuba from his childhood through college and beyond.? My Dad was in the Harvard marching band in the late 40’s and early 50’s, and got to play one of the world’s largest... Read More