A Readjustment

A number of you have been asking when our drum corps movie is going to be released. As of six months ago we were sure that the film would have been released by this date. Unfortunately that hasn?t happened. We knew that the three toughest parts of this filmmaking process would be the shooting, the editing and the music licensing.   After 14 separate trips spread out over 25 months we completed the production portion of the film in August 2013.... Read More

Two Steps Forward & One Step Back

In post production there are a lot of steps required to finish a film and our team has been working hard towards the completion of “Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood”. While the picture cut of the movie is now officially “locked” quite a few steps have to happen before the film can be released including: titles, music, sound, coloring, artwork, technical prep, etc. We all have day jobs that we are managing while this... Read More

Refining the Story

As we near picture lock on our documentary feature film we have to step back and look at the big picture. ?Are we still telling the story that we want to tell? Does the structure of the film work with a beginning, middle and end? We’ve taken scenes out, put some of them back in, rearranged them, made them shorter, created new scenes….all things to make the movie the best we can. ?There’s certainly a specific timeline in a drum corps... Read More

Reflecting Back & Moving Forward

The end of the year is a good time to assess what’s been achieved and what’s still left to be done. ?We’ve made great strides over the last 12 months with the documentary. While we had the majority of the footage shot before this time last year, none of it had been edited together. Our post production interns were organizing the media by synchronizing audio to video and adding valuable metadata to make it easier to find the necessary... Read More

Nisei Matching Challenge

We’re happy to announce that we’ve been approached from representatives from the Nisei Ambassadors Alumni Trust, a group that has supported our documentary film “Scouts Honor” in the past. ?The Nisei Ambassadors drum corps existed from 1959 to 1971. ?They have an alumni base that is still very active and have placed their trust in our vision for the film and its impact on a wider audience. ? To show their continued support,... Read More

A New Phase for “Scouts Honor”

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve entered a new phase with “Scouts Honor”. The movie has been handed over to another picture editor to work on the cut. Up to this point director/producer, Mac Smith has done almost all the picture editing and he got the project to the point where we were could screen it at the Madison Scouts’ 75th Anniversary Event last month.   We like where the movie is now, but we know that it... Read More

The Advanced Screening at the 75th Party

This past weekend marked a milestone for both the Madison Scouts Drum & Bugle Corps and the “Scouts Honor” project.? Alumni, current Scouts, families, friends, and supporters descended on Madison, Wisconsin for a celebration of the Scouts’ 75 years of continuous operation.? Numerous activities were held, including a golf outing,? amazing displays showcasing the Scouts’ history, and a banquet on Saturday night featuring... Read More

Introducing our Composer

There are lots of ideas, considerations, decisions, and experiments when it comes to putting a movie together. In many ways a movie and especially a documentary doesn’t become a movie until hundreds of hours are spent in the editing room. ?While “Scouts Honor” is a music centric documentary we’ve always had ideas in the back of our minds about how to supplement the drum corps music with musical score. ?We wanted to contrast... Read More

Assembling the Rough Cut

Screengrab from a scene involving Hunter & Madison Scouts' visual staff member, Nick Monzi in Mac's Final Cut Pro X project.   We must have hundreds of hours worth of HD video and audio for “Scouts Honor”. ?Our crew shot on and off for just over a year (from July 2011 through August 2012). ?Months were spent combing through the material and now we are assembling it into a story. ?There are many hours of great material,... Read More

The FINAL Day for Voting!

We are down to the final day of ?The March To The Rough Cut? fundraiser and the battle for the bonus featurette on the DVD/Blu-ray is extremely close!? Remember, every contribution of $10.00 that you and your friends contribute between now and 11:59 p.m. (PST) tonight will earn you a vote for your favorite section of the corps (hornline, drumline, color guard, and front ensemble).? At the end of the campaign, each section with 150 or more votes will... Read More

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