Tales from the American Film Market

While we have our own ideas about how to get this documentary out to the masses, we decided that it would be valuable if I traveled to Santa Monica, California to attend the American Film Market which is often referred to as “AFM”. ?It’s essentially a trade show for the independent film industry. AFM lasts 7 days, and it’s an important event for foreign film buyers, distributors, sales agencies, financiers, ?film producers,... Read More

The Co-Producers of “Scouts Honor”

John "JT" Torrijos & Garrick Gonzalez We are pleased to announce that John “JT” Torrijos, and Garrick Gonzalez have been named as co-producers on “Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood”. ?While they have both been involved with the project for over a year and a half in different capacities they are stepping into expanded roles now. ?They will help us navigate the many hurdles in post production and get us... Read More