Theatrical On Demand

Many of you have been asking about when our documentary feature will be released. While we haven’t finalized the details or the dates, we can tell you that we are planning to release our drum corps movie this summer.? The movie will be available through a company that specializes in “theatrical on demand” screenings. We have been telling you for many months that the sound in our movie is something you really have to experience.?... Read More

The March to the Rough Cut!

Hey everybody, we wanted to give you a bit of an update on the progress of the movie and announce a new campaign that we are very excited about. ?We have been working with a number of interns to sort through the audio and video that have been shot over the last two years and getting everything ready for editing. ?Our next phase in the creation of the documentary will be the assembling of a rough cut of the movie. ?This is a critical time for the... Read More