A Chance to Grow Drum Corps

Each drum corps has their own style, history and rabid fan base. You can compare drum corps to professional football teams in many ways, and you could argue for?days whether each group had a good year, a bad year or if they are heading in the right or wrong direction with their program. This is a competitive activity and the public likes to see a clear winner and analyze the scores. We understand that there are fans of the activity that live and... Read More

Reflecting Back & Moving Forward

The end of the year is a good time to assess what’s been achieved and what’s still left to be done. ?We’ve made great strides over the last 12 months with the documentary. While we had the majority of the footage shot before this time last year, none of it had been edited together. Our post production interns were organizing the media by synchronizing audio to video and adding valuable metadata to make it easier to find the necessary... Read More

Live Filmmaker Q&A with Chuck Henson

Madison Scouts’ alumnus, Chuck Henson will be moderating a LIVE Q&A session with the “Scouts Honor” filmmakers at Noon (CST) on Sunday, December 15th for a “Hangout On Air” on Google+ & YouTube. If you have never heard of a “Hangout On Air,” it is essentially like a live video broadcast that will include the two directors of the documentary Mac Smith and Tom Tollefsen, as well as co-producer John “JT”... Read More

Scouts’ Alumni interviewed on the Marching Roundtable

We were very pleased this morning when we heard the new podcast episode from the Marching Roundtable. ?We knew it was going to be about the Madison Scouts’ 75th Anniversary Event and we knew who they interviewed about the festivities, but we had no knowledge of what was talked about specifically during the 45 minute interview. Tim Hinton from the Marching Roundtable interviewed Robert Pilot (70’s Madison Scouts’ alumnus), Chuck Henson... Read More

The Advanced Screening at the 75th Party

This past weekend marked a milestone for both the Madison Scouts Drum & Bugle Corps and the “Scouts Honor” project.? Alumni, current Scouts, families, friends, and supporters descended on Madison, Wisconsin for a celebration of the Scouts’ 75 years of continuous operation.? Numerous activities were held, including a golf outing,? amazing displays showcasing the Scouts’ history, and a banquet on Saturday night featuring... Read More

YAMAHA and “Scouts Honor”

Belgian bass drummer, Stijn playing a YAMAHA bass drum during the Madison Scouts’ spring training session in Bloomington, Indiana (May 2012)                     Over the past year we’ve been developing a relationship with YAMAHA. They have very close ties with the Madison Scouts which goes back 29 years. ?The Madison Scouts were the first drum & bugle corps to use YAMAHA instruments... Read More

Anatomy of a Teaser

We’ve gotten a lot of compliments on our teaser trailer that we posted a month ago. It’s very cinematic and the credit truly goes to Nathan Haugaard for his amazing Steadicam work. Many of the crew members that we’ve hired were drum corps veterans and Nathan is no exception. His enthusiasm for the activity could not be contained. Not only was he excited to shoot with us, he quickly learned where he could and more importantly couldn’t... Read More

The Blue Devils, the Madison Scouts & Monsters University

Recently the announcement was made that the Blue Devils drum and bugle corps from Concord, California were involved with the soundtrack for the latest Pixar film “Monsters University” (in theaters nationwide starting today). I’m certain that their distinctive sound fits in well with Randy Newman’s score. ?You ask what does this have to do with the documentary about the Madison Scouts? Well, it turns out that “Scouts... Read More

How Tom Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Drum Corps

Snares and cymbals during the classic 1995 Madison Scouts show (Tom is on the right side)                               I can’t remember the exact moment, but when I was probably 8 or 9 years old I fell for music.? Like head-over-heels, butterflies in the stomach fell.? At first it was just playing 45s in my bedroom or listening to the radio while my friends and I roller... Read More

Interview on “DRUM SMACK”

Tonight on TradioV.com, Mac and Tom will be interviewed on the new interactive radio show “DRUM SMACK”. ?It’s a show all about drums, drummers, and drumming. It’s a roundtable discussion with Jeff Sorenson and his co-hosts, Mac Sexton, and Linda McDonald of “Chad Sexton’s Drum City”.?The filmmakers will talk to the panel about “Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood”, the documentary about... Read More

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