Our First “Tipped” Screenings

Going into this unique form of distribution has been somewhat like navigating on a curvy road through a snowstorm. We know that other filmmakers have paired with “On Demand” movie theater distributors in the past and had mixed results. When you decide to put your movie out this way, you are truly having to rely on the fans of your film and have to figure out how to motivate them. We’ve worked very hard to cultivate our fan base over... Read More

Tales from the American Film Market

While we have our own ideas about how to get this documentary out to the masses, we decided that it would be valuable if I traveled to Santa Monica, California to attend the American Film Market which is often referred to as “AFM”. ?It’s essentially a trade show for the independent film industry. AFM lasts 7 days, and it’s an important event for foreign film buyers, distributors, sales agencies, financiers, ?film producers,... Read More