Info for Music Organizations

You can host a screening of our drum corps movie and make it a fundraising event for your group!

We encourage high school band programs, or any musical organization, to sign up for screenings and let us know that their organization wants to host that screening. Nearly every band program in the nation is challenged when it comes to funds for instruments, uniforms and travel expenses. Music education is important to us and we want to help.

Once the word gets out about our film we don?t think it will be hard to get students, parents, school staff and friends to fill a movie theater for a one night only screening.

This can become a terrific fundraising tool for your music organization/band program, and we want to work with booster programs to make sure they have a successful experience. If enough tickets are pre-sold to make the screening happen we will give a portion of the proceeds that we make from the screening back to your band program.

Make this a fun event for not just your marching band, but for your local color guard, indoor percussion ensemble, drum corps, wind ensemble, orchestra, jazz band, or concert band.

Your continued support of Scouts Honor?also extends to support for the youth arts. With your help, these screening opportunities can help us grow nation-wide awareness of the rich world of drum and bugle corps as well as help provide fundraising for music organizations in your own town.

When signing up for a screening for your group, make sure to put the name of the group in the “group/organization” field on the request form which asks “Who is presenting this screening?” Feel free to add more details about your group in the “Tell us about your screening” field.

Are you ready to sign up? Just click the “Request a Screening” button below to get started!

4 Responses to “Info for Music Organizations”
  1. Jeff Hinson says:

    I’m interested in setting up a screening in Wilmington, NC as a fund raiser opportunity for our band program. Could you please email me details regarding this (how many people we would need to get any funds back towards our program, cost of tickets, how much would the program get back if the numbers are met?). Thank you and good luck. I’m excited to see this movie. Your interview on Marching Roundtable was excellent.

  2. Ann Bitter says:

    Hi, I am on the booster board for Fort Mill High School band in Fort Mill SC

    Can you give me more details.. What are the ticket prices and what percentage goes back to the band?

    Thanks in advance

    • admin says:

      Ticket prices range between $10-$12, and the number of tickets that need to pre-sell in order to reach the “tipping point” depend on the theater, and date of the screening. Both of those are determined by Gathr Films.

      We are giving music organizations part of what we make as filmmakers on their single screening. If you reach the “tipping point” and your screening happens, then you will receive funds. The more tickets that are sold beyond the “tipping point,” the larger the amount.

      We strongly encourage you to use this screening as a fundraising event…a way to draw your community together to raise awareness about your organization and to tell them about challenges you are facing. Once your screening is scheduled, we recommend that you to reach out to the theater to find out if they will allow you to do things at the theater like have a silent auction, or a 50/50 raffle, or pass around a hat to collect donations for your group from audience members. Combining fundraising methods will give you the best result.

  3. I am the director of the new start up corps in Maine, THE MAINE REGIMENT All Age drum and bugle corps, Maines first competitive corps in Maine in nearly25 years….Have always loved the Scouts for years and saw the recent show at the DCI Loud and Live theater presentation..We are having severe challenges raising money for equipment and uniforms and looking for fund raising opportunities….my best phone number is my cell phone at @ 207 318-3827///Home phone is 207 518 9302f. Email is Would love to host a showing in Maine…

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