The movie is finished, but we still need your help!

Our reward levels are still available for a limited time. Look below at the descriptions of our reward levels and earn rewards for your continued support of Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood! As a reminder, all your past contributions add up and can upgrade you to higher reward levels.

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You’re awesome! As a “thank you” we will salute you from the other side of the internet.



You’ll receive a “thank you” on our “Supporters” page on the “Scouts Honor” website. Thank you!



For this contribution you’ll get the “I Helped Make a Movie!” sticker with the Scouts Honor film logo on it (as well as the above reward).



This level represents the year that the corps was founded, 1938, and with this size contribution you’ll get a DVD of the finished film once it is commercially released (as well as the above rewards).



Wow, you really rock! A combo pack of the Blu-Ray/DVD of the finished film (once it is commercially released), as well as the “I Helped Make a Movie!” sticker and website “thank you” are all yours.


Now, you are going to get the Ultimate edition of the finished film with the Blu-Ray/DVD pack, with a special bonus Blu-Ray disc with extra features not included on the normal version (once it is commercially released). Yes, you get the “I Helped Make a Movie!” sticker and website “thank you” as well.



Everything from the $75 level, as well as a personalized thank you “performance” video from Scouts Honor film crew! We’ll send you a personalized shout out that you can post on your website and Facebook wall to show off to your friends.



A producer from our drum corps movie will come to your town and host a very special screening of our film for you and 75 of your friends in your local movie theater! After the film you’ll get a Q&A session with the producer and learn about much of what went into the process of creating our passion project. (VIP Screenings limited to North America)


No matter how big or small, every contribution helps make this movie the best it can be.

Tell your friends that you were a part of making something incredible.

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