In 2012, snare drummer Brandon marched his third season with the Madison Scouts, and his fourth season in the drum and bugle corps activity. This season was also Brandon’s first as the Section Leader of the drum line. A highly skilled and motivated young man from Richmond, Virginia, when he is not on tour with the Scouts, teaching local drumlines, or incessantly playing on his practice pad, he is pursuing his other great passion: the culinary arts. Brandon recently received his degree from Johnson and Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. Returning to Richmond, he has been working as an intern at the internationally acclaimed restaurant ‘Lemaire’ at the historic Jefferson Hotel.

As the center snare of the Scouts, Brandon has assumed a major leadership role within the organization and ‘Scouts Honor’ documents his transition into this position. The infectious intensity that Brandon brings to his cooking serves as the perfect parallel for his work with the Scouts and emphasizes the seemingly non-stop energy and enthusiasm required to succeed at the top level of both subcultures.


Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Jo returns for his second year in the color guard of the Madison Scouts. As the oldest member of the 2012 color guard, Jo exudes charisma and a larger-than-life personality that is emblematic of the character needed to succeed in the crazy world of drum and bugle corps. Jo’s journey is unique in that he was unable to complete the 2011 marching season due to a mid-tour diagnoses of HIV. ‘Scouts Honor’ chronicles Jo’s struggle to deal with this shocking news and the effect that it has had on his life and those who support him during this troubling time, including his corps brothers in the Madison Scouts. After being cleared by his doctor, Jo makes his return for his final, ‘age-out’ year in 2012.

Through numerous interviews with family and friends, ‘Scouts Honor’ shares Jo’s story with the world and, in the process, demonstrate how important the Madison Scouts and Jo have been for each other over the last two years. Through Jo’s story, viewers will begin to understand the true meaning of the Madison Scouts’ motto: May You Never Walk Alone.



Prior to 2012, Hunter had never heard of the drum and bugle corps activity. But when the 15-year-old trumpet player from Corpus Christi, Texas randomly stumbled upon videos of the 1975 and 2011 Madison Scouts field shows he was enamored. After convincing his family that he thought he had what it took to march with the Scouts, Hunter went through the long, grueling audition process which resulted in his being chosen as the youngest member of the 2012 corps after month of call-backs. Inspired by his father to start playing music, it is an emotional journey for Hunter and his family, beginning with the selling of some of the family’s livestock to help with his tuition with the Scouts and ending at the DCI Championships in Indianapolis.

‘Scouts Honor’ follows this highly disciplined and focused young man during his rookie season struggles in drum corps and his first significant time away from his family and friends back home. His transformation during this year showcases the incomparable experience offered by the drum corps activity and, particularly, the unique life skills and education provided by the Madison Scouts.




With over 20 years of experience in the drum and bugle corps activity, Dann Petersen serves the Madison Scouts full-time as their corps director. Having himself marched with the Madison Scouts (3 years in the Madison Junior Scouts and 6 years in the Madison Scouts), Dann has the passion and first hand experience needed to fully connect with the young men who comprise the 2012 Madison Scouts.

Although “Scouts Honor” is more a story about its members than its mentors, Dann represents a key component to the success of this unique activity: exceptional leaders and educators. The core values that Dann imparts on the members, many of which are derived from his own history with the Scouts, will forever shape the lives of our main characters.




  1. Dotti says:

    I’m a volunteer and supporter of another corps but love all drum corps so I purchased this movie. I was so not prepared for how good it would be! It reminded me why I have loved this activity for 30+ years. What a fabulous look into the world of drum corps! Kudos to all who were involved!

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