Documentary Filmmaking from a Sound Perspective

Sound is rarely a driving force when it comes to documentary filmmaking, but when two of the key people on the creative team come from the world of post production sound, that often overlooked aspect gets pushed into the foreground. Co-producer and performance music recordist, John “JT” Torrijos, and “Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood” director/producer Mac Smith sat down with Master & Dynamic to discuss what inspired them to get into the film business, and sound design.scoutshonor_mac_tempmix01

In many ways, sound was the inspiration to make this music documentary and to help raise the bar on what could be achieved with audio recording and mixing to bring that iconic “live” sound of a World Class drum corps to movie theaters, and now to home theater systems with the home video release, and most recently the iTunes release of the award winning documentary film.

In the interview with Master & Dynamic, Smith says about Torrijos “In 2009, he brought me into a room here at Skywalker Sound and said, ‘Listen to this.’ He didn’t really give me much of a lead up of what I was going to experience. And he played the show that he recorded. My jaw hit the floor. I had never heard the sound of drum corps recorded like this before. Think about it: it’s 150 musicians playing on a stage that’s 100 yards wide, moving at very high velocities. It had never been captured in the way that I heard it.”

Read the rest of the interview on the Master & Dynamic blog “The 10,000.”

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