The Next Big Step For Scouts Honor


The Gigantic Cranium team has been working diligently for the past few months on the next big step for our indie film, “Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood.” Finally, we are super excited to announce that “Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood” is officially on iTunes!

We have had some exciting releases of our movie, with the success of our film festival showings, Gathr screenings in movie theaters across the USA, and our shipping of physical copies of DVDs and Blu-rays to our fans. We have come a long way thanks to the support of you and all that have contributed to the success of “Scouts Honor,” and with our iTunes release, this is our biggest release yet!

Our main mission with this documentary has been to bring the drum corps activity to the world, and hopefully create new fans for the activity who are unaware of it. Thanks to the debut of the docu-series “Clash of the Corps” and the mobility of drum corps social media, we are not alone in our endeavors. With this digital release, it’s our chance to bring this inspiring tale, set in the world of drum corps, to the most people.

Furthermore, we hope to generate as much buzz as possible. The goal with this specific release is to shoot up the iTunes documentary rankings. If enough people purchase “Scouts Honor” from the start of our preorder cycle through the first week of the release, then we will reach our goal. Wouldn’t you like to see a documentary about drum corps end up on the front page of the iTunes store? Help spread the word to anyone who hasn’t yet pulled the trigger on our DVD/Blu-Ray, and who would perhaps be interested in a more… on-demand way of viewing our film (hint hint).

Check the link below to access our pre-order page – and get the word out! It’s an exciting time to be a drum corps fan, isn’t it?

Scouts Honor iTunes Page


The Scouts Honor Team

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