August is a special month for the drum corps activity.

The regionals become more frequent, the audiences get bigger, the scores get tighter, the competition becomes more fierce, and everyone gets that much closer to the perfection they’ve been working toward since they started the journey in the first place. It’s crazy how fast DCI Finals week sneaks up on you once you hit the ground running in June.

For the Scouts Honor crew, August is a special time for us too. After years of anticipation – trust us, we couldn’t wait to get it out there too – we finally started shipping physical copies of Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood to both our contributors and our webstore customers. Do you have your copy yet?

Better yet, if you can get your hands on our Ultimate Blu-Ray you’ll get access to deleted scenes not seen ANYWHERE else.

So far we’ve loved hearing all your wonderful reactions to the movie. Here’s some of our favorites:

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Even Janina Gavankar (of True Blood and The League fame) had wonderful things to say about Scouts Honor!
Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 11.52.21 PM


If you keep up with us on Facebook, you may have seen that we love the pictures our fans have sent us. Please continue to send us more of your pics to info@giganticcranium.com and we’ll be sure to show you some love on our page as well!

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The enthusiasm from the drum corps community has been amazing, and it helps us in more ways than you could know. Please keep it coming!

If you haven’t yet, leave us some reviews on IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes – we can always use more positive public visibility.

This really is an important month for us, as well as drum corps as a whole, and we have some exciting news planned later this month! Let’s keep the energy going – keep spreading the word about the movie as we build momentum through the end of the drum corps season.

The sky’s the limit on the kind of visibility we can finally bring to the drum corps activity. None of this is possible without the amazing support of our fans. The Scouts Honor crew really can’t thank y’all enough.

Onwards and upwards!


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