The Home Video Launch


It’s the moment that many of you have been anticipating and we are thrilled to announce that the home video version of our award winning documentary is just around the corner! Pre-orders are now officially available through our online store and we will have discs in hand in June! Now you will be able to invite your friends, neighbors, relatives, and of course those who have not been initiated into the subculture of drum and bugle corps, to your home and play our film for them. And when you do be sure to crank it up! We took great care in capturing the sonic intensity of the live performances and you’ll be putting your home theater system to the test.

We have two versions available for pre-order: the DVD edition, and the Ultimate Bluray Edition + DVD Combo Pack.

The DVD contains two bonus features, one of which is our movie trailer and the other is the “Hornline Featurette.” You may recall that during the early stages of post production we had a fundraising campaign entitled “The March to the Rough Cut.” For every contribution, the contributor got to cast their vote for their favorite section of the drum corps. The hornline became triumphant and now you will see the results.

The Ultimate Bluray Edition + DVD Combo Pack includes everything in the version above, plus an audio commentary track from the directors, over 80 minutes of “Deleted Scenes” with director intros, and the movie teaser.

We are also pleased to announce that these home video versions are also available to our international fans! Please note that the DVD is Region 1 and the Bluray is Region 0. At this time we don’t have any subtitled versions and these are NTSC transfers.

For those of you that contributed and qualified for rewards which include a copy of the movie, we ask that you please send us a quick note?with your current mailing address so that we may confirm that we will be sending your disc to the correct address. Please include your first and last name so that we can double check your info against our records. Please use the “Contact” page on the Gigantic Cranium website.

These two versions of our drum corps movie (DVD & Ultimate Bluray + DVD Combo Pack) will also be available for sale at the Madison Scouts souvie stand this summer, so be sure to stop by before or after you see the 2016 Madison Scouts perform their show “Judas” and encourage your friends to purchase a copy.

We thank you for your patience and your support!

The Scouts Honor Team

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