The Question You’ve All Been Asking

When can I get the DVD?!? (or one of the variations)

When can I get the Bluray?!??When can I watch it digitally?!? When do I get my contributor copy?!?!?!

Making a movie is more than a full time job and then once it’s finished you have to switch into promotion/marketing and various other modes to get people excited about the film or let them know that it exists. This time last year we were focused on film festival submissions. Then we moved over into our “Theatrical On Demand” distribution model with our friends at Gathr Films. The film was always designed to experience in a movie theater; mainly because of the sound recordings we did of the “live” performances. So we poured all of our energy into getting people to request screenings, and promoting these screenings so that they could be successful. We’re happy to report that we’ve had over 25 of these screenings; many of which were fundraisers that benefited performing arts programs like high school marching bands. This option of experiencing the film in a movie theater is still available and will remain that way into next year. Visit our “Screenings” page for more information.

Assistant picture editor, Adam Clay, gathers pieces for our bonus content.

Assistant picture editor, Adam Clay, gathers pieces for our bonus content.

We did put the home video preparation on the back burner because we wanted as many people to see and hear it in a movie theater, but now we are getting all the materials together to release it in formats that even more people will see. We’ve been collecting the deleted scenes, and putting together some brand new content that will be great bonus material. We’re pushing hard to get these formats out as soon as possible. As soon as we have a solid idea of when the physical discs will be in our hands we will launch the pre-orders and announce the official release date. Don’t worry…we’ll make a great big announcement when this info is ready to go. Pre-orders for the DVD and Blu-ray will be available both here and on the Madison Scouts website.

For those that contributed their hard earned dollars to help us make the film, your rewards will arrive at your home right around the release date. If your address has changed please let us know via by emailing us at: ?info [at]

You’ve been more than patient and we really appreciate that. Thank you for your continued support!

The Scouts Honor Team

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