Growing Drum Corps, One Screening at a Time

11043100_10206291396430077_1833842869869319151_nWe?ve had tremendous responses from people who have seen our documentary film, Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood. At the time of this post, we?ve had over 2,300 people reserve tickets to see our film in a movie theater and we?ve had 18 ?Theatrical On Demand? screenings across the USA. These screenings have been with our partner, Gathr Films. They make the process simple by allowing anyone to request a local screening, free of charge, and Gathr makes all the arrangements with movie theaters. The only thing the ?movie captain? (the person that has requested the screening) has to do, is convince enough people to pre-order enough tickets by a deadline, on the event web page that Gathr creates.

This is a somewhat new distribution model, but we are finding that it works well and gives everyone an opportunity to experience Scouts Honor as it was intended to be seen: up on the big screening with a great sound mix that will make it seem like you are sitting on the 50 yard line, in the center of a drum and bugle corps field show.

There are currently 20 screenings that have been requested for the upcoming months, but have not yet met the minimum number of pre-sold tickets. Please check out the list of these potential screenings which can be found on our “SCREENINGS” page to see if there is a screening in your area or if you can recommend a friend or family member to check out a screening in their area. Please remember, in order for these screenings to occur, a certain number of tickets must be pre-sold by a deadline that it specific for each showing. Click on the links to various screening to get more information and help spread the word to ensure that all of these screenings ?tip!?

East-Coast-Classic1One screening of particular interest for drum corps fans has been requested for July 2nd at the Cinema Du Lux at Patriots Place in Foxboro, Massachusetts. This is a special early afternoon screening of the film and it coincides with the East Coast Classic, the Boston Crusaders? home show, which is a ?live? drum corps show happening that same evening. We think that would make a perfect day of drum corps entertainment! This screening has not yet ?tipped,? but please click on the following to reserve your tickets today:

After a recent screening in the Indianapolis, Indiana area, an audience member posted a very heartfelt response about seeing the film: ?The connection to what these young men went through during their season of drum corps, the drama, the successes, the challenges, I felt it all. If it wasn?t for drum corps, I would not be here today. Drum corps not only changed my life, it also saved my life. This is a wonderful piece of work that truly captures the essence of the activity and I encourage all to try to get a screening in your town.”

We receive messages from audience goers after every screening, and learn how much the film is truly touching people all over the country. It?s wonderful to see these messages and that the movie is not only connecting with people, but having an emotional impact. This includes people who have no prior knowledge of drum corps, which is especially rewarding for us.

Our film currently has an average rating of 9.5 out of 10 stars on the Internet Movie Database which is the go-to resource for the film industry. If you?ve seen the final cut of our film and haven?t given it a rating please take a moment and give it a rating.

We?re still offering the opportunity to performing arts groups to set up ?Theatrical On Demand? screenings as fundraisers for their organization. Wouldn?t be cool if your high school marching band setup a screening to coincide with your group?s ?band camp?? It would be a nice social event and reward for the kids, parents and staff to attend partway through the week. Reach out to us if you have questions about these fundraising screenings by emailing us at “screenings[at]

You can help us by continuing to spread the word about our drum corps movie. Find us across multiple social media channels, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo and we are now on Instagram! Just sharing, or liking or posts goes a very long way.

Thanks for your continued support!

The Scouts Honor Team

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  1. Ellen Huxtable says:


    Glad to hear of the popularity of the screenings!

    When will those of us who backed the kickstarter get our DVDs?

    Thanks very much!

  2. Steve Damon says:

    Thanks for the Foxboro plug! It’s going to be a huge day in BAC history.

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