Wisconsin Film Festival Recap

Co-Producer John "JT" Torrijos and Dann Petersen

Co-Producer John “JT” Torrijos and Dann Petersen

Earlier this month, Co-Producer, John “JT” Torrijos, traveled to Madison, Wisconsin to attend the 2015 Wisconsin Film Festival for two screenings of our documentary film. This festival was quite significant to us because Madison is the hometown of the subject matter of our film, the Madison Scouts drum and bugle corps. For numerous reasons, the corps has spent less time over recent years in Madison itself, so this was our chance to showcase the organization in the town where they were founded back in 1938.

One of the stars from our film resides in Madison as well as one of our crew members, Dann Petersen, the Madison Scouts’ Corps Director as well as Madison Scouts Alumnus, Chris Hollenback who was our Story Consultant on the film. They both joined John “JT” Torrijos for the screenings.

Our first screening wasn’t in the most ideal time slot which was a weekday morning, but the screening was more than 80% full. There were only a handful of drum corps people at this first screening therefore the majority of the crowd were regular film festival goers. The audience really connected with the film and created enough buzz that our second screening on Sunday afternoon was completely sold out. Unfortunately a number of people were turned away from seeing the film this second time around. Again, there were only a few drum corps fans at the screening and the attendees were very complimentary about the film. Many of them were very moved by the story.

Hearing that our documentary feature was connecting with general audiences was very gratifying. Our goal has always been to create a movie that works for not only people who are fans of DCI and the drum corps activity, but for those who are coming in with no previous knowledge. These two film festival screenings?cemented the fact that our film truly has the power to introduce the drum corps subculture to people across the country


Dann Petersen who acts as somewhat of a narrator in the film, and “JT,” who not only Co-Produced the film, but did much of the 5.1 audio recordings of the “live” drum corps performances in the film, did a Q&A after each screening. Like many of the screenings that we’ve attended, audiences want to know what our three characters are doing nowadays.

We would like to thank Ben Reiser, the Sundance Cinemas in Madison, and all of the other people who made our crew feel welcome at the festival. They did a wonderful job showcasing our film and so many others at their annual event. Stay tuned for news about another screening happening in Madison, in the coming months.

The “Scouts Honor” Team

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