Amplifying our Message

CorpsJacket_OnBusSeatOur movie is complete and it’s starting to get noticed by fans of the marching arts around the USA. We’re coming up on the four year anniversary of when we conceived the initial idea for the film. It seems like such a long time ago because we’ve been through so much from the idea stage, to the test shoot phase, raising our initial funds, shooting, editing, wrangling the music licenses, more editing, to a finished film.

In a lot of ways completing?a film is like giving birth to a child. The filmmaking process was just the gestation phase and now that the film is out there, we have to nurture it. Unlike a movie that comes out of Hollywood, we don’t have a big budget studio to fund a marketing campaign. This movie started out as a grassroots idea, it was paid for in a grassroots way through crowd funding, and now we truly need our fans to amplify our messages. We’ve had tremendous support to get where we are from friends, family, alumni of the corps and the new fans who have found us along the way.

We have a unique opportunity for people to see our film in a movie theater, the way it was meant to be experienced. Live drum corps has a major “wow factor” and the best way to give both fans of the marching arts, and outsiders of the activity that same feeling of sitting in the stands and practically getting your face melted off (in a good way) by a Top 12 DCI hornline, is in a movie theater. Yes, it takes effort to get to a theater, at a certain time when you could be doing so many other things, but we think that after the movie’s done,?you’ll agree that?it was worth it.

Hunter_FranklinGoldenHourSectional01Some people are obviously excited about this opportunity because there are currently 33 potential screenings, nationwide. Why do we say potential? Because they will only happen if they meet their ticket quotas. Normally if you want to book a movie theater for a one night screening it will cost a lot of money, usually over $1000. We’ve partnered with a company that takes the risk out of showing our film in a movie theater. We don’t have to put up the money to rent the theater as filmmakers, and neither do you, as a fan. Then how is the theater rental paid for? That’s covered by the minimum number of tickets that need to be sold. Gathr Films works out the booking based on the date & location request from the new “Movie Captain” and translates the cost into a number of tickets. ?If the ticket quota isn’t met on these screenings, then it disappears….goes away….goes poof.

How can you help as a fan? Amplify our message. Get other people excited about our film, and share posts & tweets about specific screenings. Many of these screenings are fundraising events for high school marching bands, or for a drum corps that is just getting started and desperately need funds. You may think that you don’t know anyone in St. Louis, Missouri so your retweet won’t matter. That’s not true! You never know who might see it. We encourage our “Movie Captains” (the one’s who sign up for screenings) to create a Facebook event page for their screening. This is a great way to invite people you know who live near a specific screening location. Search “Scouts Honor” on Facebook and I bet you’ll come across some of these event pages. Check the date to make sure it’s still an active screening and then put it on people’s radar. Get them excited about the movie and then emphasize that these screenings only happen if enough tickets are sold. There are no tickets sold at the door.

We’ve been lucky to have a number of friends, go the extra mile. One of them is Chuck Henson who’s the voice of “Bands of America” and a color guard alumnus of the Madison Scouts. Chuck volunteered to help us make this video which is designed to inform people about our film, and to get them excited to see it in a movie theater. He also briefly explains how our “Theatrical On Demand” screenings work and that music organizations can use our drum corps movie as a fundraising opportunity. We hope that many groups across the USA take advantage of this creative method of getting their community together to bring awareness to their organization and raise some money in the process.


We are confident that once more people see our film, word of mouth is going to spread and really get the ball rolling. As far as we know, there hasn’t been a movie about drum corps that’s played in movie theaters. Help us fill the theaters for these screenings and inspire more people to get involved with the marching arts. Share, retweet, reblog, email, and pick up the phone. Together we can make this a movement and bring much more awareness to the activity we know and love.

The “Scouts Honor” Team

P.S. Here’s a PDF that we created with more details about how screenings work and some suggestions on promotion.

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