Request Your Own Screening of “Scouts Honor”

Gathr Map Widget 01We’re happy to announce that our “Theatrical On Demand” distribution for “Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood” has been launched! You’ve heard us talk about the live drum corps recordings that we captured in 5.1 surround sound, and now you can experience our drum corps movie the way that it was meant to be seen & heard on the BIG screen!

We’ve partnered with Gathr Films to allow YOU to bring our documentary film to your local movie theater. The process is very easy and there’s no charge for you to sign up as a “Movie Captain.”

1. Visit our SCREENINGS page to see the Gathr Map Widget to see if there’s already a screening coming up in your area.

2. If there’s not a screening happening then click on the “Request a Screening” button and sign up as a “Movie Captain.”

3. Gathr takes care of all the booking and once the theater/date are verified they’ll launch an event page for your screening!

4. Now it’s time to promote your screening! Gathr determines how many tickets need to be pre-sold for each screening to happen, and your event page will show a tipping point and how much time is left to hit that number. If the tipping point is not reached then the screening doesn’t take place.

This is a new form of distribution and it’s completely crowd driven. Many films have gone this route and had very successful runs of their movies. Our documentary will be available in this format for over a year and we encourage you to either sign up for your own screening or buy tickets to one that is trying to reach it’s tipping point.

Gathr Logo - from FG?Not only can individuals in the USA request a screening of our film, but we are encouraging musical organizations like middle school bands, color guards, indoor percussion lines and marching bands to host their own screening as a fundraising event for their group. Use our film as an excuse to bring your local community together and communicate to them about what your group has been doing, and encourage them to get involved. Depending on the theater’s policies you may be able to combine the movie with things like a silent auction, a 50/50 raffle, or simply just passing a hat around to collect donations. If your group’s screening surpasses the “tipping point,” we will give a portion of the funds that we earn from your screening back to your musical group. We know how important music education is and how nearly every group is struggling to pay for equipment, instruments, uniforms and travel expenses. The hope is that our film will not only inspire people to get involved with the marching arts, but can directly give back to music education with these screenings.

regal_exteriorWe have moved mountains during the process of our filmmaking journey. It’s mind boggling that the majority of the money to?create our film has come from crowdfunding. Over $60,000 has been raised to date, and this movie never would’ve happened if wasn’t for the generous support of our fans. We have no doubt that our enthusiastic supporters can excite enough people to come to a one-night-only screening of our film.

Be sure to utilize the tips and tools that we’ve provided, and reach out to us if you have any questions.

The “Scouts Honor” team

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  1. James Redd says:

    I’m big DCI fan. The Scouts have always been a fan favorite to watch. I love the dedication the corps puts into their show. Plus their history with the Boy Scouts of America, which I myself am a members (Eagle Scout 2013)

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