Audience Award at the Twin Cities Film Fest

While we are still in the early stages of the release for our drum corps movie, we’ve had some pretty?exciting experiences so far. At the end of October, Producer/Director Mac Smith traveled to St. Louis Park, Minnesota for the Twin Cities Film Fest. This was the third film festival for “Scouts Honor” and all the staff members and volunteers made us feel incredibly welcome.


TCFF Managing Director, Bill Cooper and Mac Smith

TCFF was held at a very modern multiplex in the midst of an outdoor mall with shops and restaurants in a suburb of Minneapolis. All the events were within walking distance and they had a filmmaker lounge which had events every night just down the street from the multiplex. It was clear that this festival was a well run machine and the staff made not only the filmmakers feel important, but also the festival goers.

We were given a terrific slot for our film which was on a Saturday afternoon and the last day of the nine day film festival. Prior to the screening, Mac was interviewed on the red carpet and took the opportunity to get some photos with family members and friends who came to see the film. We were expecting a few Madison Scouts alumni to show up to see “Scouts Honor”, but we’re surprised that nearly two dozen were present for the screening. As soon as the film was over Mac encouraged his Scout brothers to come down to sing the Madison Scouts’ corps song “You’ll Never Walk Alone” for the audience (click the link to see a video of the singing). It was a moving experience for both the alumni and the film goers, and then Executive Director of the Twin Cities Film Festival, Jatin Setia hosted a Q&A with Mac and co-star of “Scouts Honor”, Sean Conway.


TCFF Executive Director, Jatin Setia, Mac Smith and “Scouts Honor” co-star, Sean Conway

Being the last day of the festival, the awards ceremony was held after the last film. The TCFF filmmaker lounge was packed with filmmakers, festival attendees and a number of people involved with bringing filmmakers to Minnesota. There were nine feature length documentaries in this festival and just prior to Mac’s arrival we were notified that “Scouts Honor” was a finalist in the best documentary category which included three other films. The TCFF best documentary award was given to “Stray Dog” a film which followed a Vietnam veteran and directed by Debra Granik. After that award was given they announced the “Audience Award” in the documentary category and we won! It was definitely a surprise, and we were pleased to hear that our film connected with not only audience members who have participated in the marching activity, but it also connected with people unfamiliar with drum and bugle corps. Screening at events like TCFF is part of the way that we are growing drum corps by giving people the opportunity to see why so many of us are passionate about our subculture. It was definitely a satisfying trip and one of the highlights in our filmmaking journey.


The Twin Cities Film Fest is a world class event, and we highly recommend it to both filmmakers and film fans. The “Scouts Honor” team would like to thank Bill Cooper, Jatin Setia and everyone at the Twin Cities Film Fest for not only having us, but for treating us so well. We hope they keep growing and we encourage you to check out their organization which hosts screenings and events all year long.


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