BOD_OldSchool StandingOvation_NoURLWhich decade of the Madison Scouts is the best? Both alumni and fans of the corps have very strong opinions. That’s because they are very passionate about the activity and there’s nothing wrong with that. We’ve decided to pin the different decades of the corps (alumni & fans) against each other to see which one can get a popular Madison Scouts song that appears in our movie funded the fastest. The race started on August 13th with the first song “The Way We Were” which was part of both the 1975 & 1976 Madison Scouts shows. In our feature length documentary this popular Scouts tune is performed by the 2012 corps.

Why do we need money to use a song that the corps performs in our film? Well, there’s a thing called synchronization rights. In order for us to use a piece of music that isn’t in the public domain or specifically written for a film, we need to get the music publishers to agree to let us use these pieces, for a fee. Our music supervisor has done a terrific job negotiating very low rates, but it still costs money. We can’t release our drum corps movie until these fees are paid, and we are already partway through a 90 day window to lock in these rates, therefore time is critical.

Each song’s campaign goal is $1200, and once that goal is reached will shift onto the next song. We’ll credit everyone who helps pay for each song specifically on our Facebook fan page, and each contributor can take advantage of our reward levels on the contribution page, and these rewards include copies of the finished film.

This campaign is very important. Once we get these songs funded we will be able to settle on a release date for the film which could be as early as September via our “Theatrical On Demand” model. From our experience at our first film festival, this movie truly has the power to turn more people onto the marching arts and grow drum corps.

Which decade is the best? Use your wallet and your persuasive skills to get your friends to contribute when your favorite decade comes up in the “Battle of the Decades!” campaign. Contributions can be made directly on our website. Comment below if you have questions, or reach out to us on Twitter or through our Facebook fan page.

Thanks for your support!

The Scouts Honor Team

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