“Best Documentary” at the FLY Film Festival!

PosterThe first film festival screenings of the movie, a new IndieGoGo campaign, and Mr. Smith goes to Indianapolis!

Two and a half years ago we started fundraising for the “Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood” project via a campaign on the IndieGoGo website. It was extremely successful and served as the launching off point for the production of the film. The movie has now been shot, edited, and is currently making the film festival rounds. What an amazing trip it?s been. Our supporters, like you, are the reason that all of this wonderful work has been possible.

We are now almost completely wrapped up with post-production, and in order to push us over the finish line, we have once again turned to IndieGoGo and have launched a brand new fundraising campaign. The funds from this campaign will be used to pay music publishers for the sync licenses needed for the music that you hear throughout “Scouts Honor: Inside A Marching Brotherhood”, the color correction, final sound mix, and various other finishing costs. Our goal for this campaign is $16,000.00. This may sound like a lot, but if each one of our Twitter followers contributed $5.00, we would have all the funds that we would need to finish the film. Every contribution counts and gets us one step further toward our goal.

Just like our last campaign with IndieGoGo, we are offering a full set of rewards for the various levels of contribution. These include everything from DVD/BluRay copies of the documentary to a personalized thank you from the production crew and even a special screening of the film in your local theater with the filmmakers! Also, please remember that by helping us out, you are also helping marching programs across the country, as we will be using the finished film to present “Theatrical-On-Demand” screenings of “Scouts Honor: Inside A Marching Brotherhood” which will be used as fundraising tools for these programs. We want to make sure that the film is finished and ready for these screenings by the start of marching band season, which is right around the corner.

This campaign ends at midnight PST on Sunday, August 10, 2014. Please be sure to tell of your friends, family, and colleagues about the fundraiser. It is amazing how useful your social media can be for these types of campaigns. We have lovingly embraced the term ?band geek? for years, so be sure to use the hashtag #needmorebandgeeks when spreading the word!

For full details about the reward levels, a video from Mac explaining the campaign, and to make a contribution on behalf of yourself or someone else, please click HERE.

In other news, we are very excited to say that “Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood” made its film festival debut Friday at the FLY Film Festival in Enid, Oklahoma. We were honored with the “Best Documentary” prize and had a great time meeting festival attendees and fellow filmmakers! It was quite an experience to finally get the movie in front of a public audience and the reception was fantastic. We will keep you posted on future film festival screenings.

photo 3

Frank Baker, Master of Ceremonies at the FLY Film Festival awards ceremony, with Producer/Director Mac Smith

Finally, resident travelling man Mac Smith will also be heading up to Indianapolis next weekend for Drum Corps International Finals. He will be there promoting the film, meeting with a lot of supporters of the project, seeing old friends, and of course watching some great drum corps. If you see him running around like a madman, be sure to stop him and say hi!

Thanks again for your continued support everyone and we hope to see you all very soon!


Mac and Tom

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