A Readjustment


A number of you have been asking when our drum corps movie is going to be released. As of six months ago we were sure that the film would have been released by this date. Unfortunately that hasn?t happened. We knew that the three toughest parts of this filmmaking process would be the shooting, the editing and the music licensing.


After 14 separate trips spread out over 25 months we completed the production portion of the film in August 2013. The editing of the film took a year between two editors, an assistant, a brain trust of producers and multiple test screenings. We are happy to report that we locked the cut of the film this past April. The music licensing we began to tackle on our own during the early part of 2013. After a number of months navigating the waters of music publishing we decided that the task needed to be carried out by a professional.


In November of last year we hired a music supervisor to take on the task of securing the sync rights to seven songs that the Madison Scouts perform in our drum corps movie. This person was willing to work at a low rate to help us out and we gave them time to get the work done. It wasn’t an ideal time of year to begin this work due to holidays, etc. so we gave this person a few months to get through the work. Meanwhile we were working hard to lock the cut and we were given the impression that this licensing work would be worked out by late April/early May to coincide with the final steps of sound editorial, sound mix, coloring and other final finishing tasks to complete the film. ?As we approached that time we waited for our music supervisor that we hired to produce results. We were strung along again and again.


The process of licensing music for a feature film is not simple, and if you think about it, our documentary feature is almost like a concert film. We can?t easily swap out other pieces of music during live performance moments. It simply wouldn?t work. If we aren?t able to secure these songs it?s going to have a drastic affect on the film. A couple of the pieces could be edited out without too much affect on the overall story, but other pieces are vital and would destroy the narrative if we weren?t given permission to use them. It?s risky to proceed with the remaining post production without music licenses in place. We can?t afford to waste our crew members time and effort, as well as the expense of facility time to complete the film in such an uncertain state.


Our filmmaking process has essentially been in a holding pattern for the past two and half months due to the trouble we?ve had. This film is about members of the corps that marched two years ago and we were counting on releasing it during the 2014 DCI season. We?ve been wanting to have the hype and excitement of the drum corps season to coincide with our release.


We?re dusting ourselves off from this unexpected roadblock and we?ve found someone new to complete the sync rights work for us. If all goes well we can still get the film out by late Summer/early Fall, but we?re going to need quite a bit of help from our fan base to get the film finished. Since we can?t wait too much longer to get the film done it?s important that we are able to move quickly with these publishers. We?re working on finding the best way to pay for this crucial music for the film, and get through these final tasks to complete the documentary. We?ve come this far and we?re so close to completing a film that we are incredibly proud of, which can help not just the Madison Scouts, but all the organizations in the DCI activity, especially through our “Theatrical on Demand” plans with high school bands around the country.


Our audience has doubled, if not tripled within the last year and we need to keep growing our fan base. Please continue to spread the word and encourage more people to support us on social media. We?re going to have a couple of new campaigns that you can all help us with during this month which include some exciting rewards and prizes. Sign up for our email newsletter, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Vimeo, YouTube and Pinterest.


Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,


Mac, Tom, Garrick, JT, Kevin and Adam (The Scouts Honor Team)


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