Bi-Coastal Documentary Filmmakers Reunite

Tom Tollefsen & Mac Smith discuss the deleted scenes for their documentary feature

Many of you may not know that directing/producer partners Tom Tollefsen and Mac Smith live on opposite coasts of the United States. It certainly makes it challenging to create a film when there’s so much distance between partners, but technology has helped break down that barrier. Google+ Hangout video conferencing, sharing documents via Google Drive, email and good old fashioned phone calls allow them to collaborate with each other and other members of the team, but there are some things that don’t work well remotely no matter how hard you try.

Earlier this month Tom, who lives in Florida flew to Northern California to get in front of the camera with Mac to discuss material that will appear on the bonus features for their feature length, drum corps documentary “Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood”. Assistant picture editor, Adam Clay shot intro scenes with the directors.

While Mac’s schedule took him out of town for a job on another film in Los Angeles shortly after their shoot, Tom, picture editor Kevin Bailey, and co-producer John “JT” Torrijos supervised a couple days of sound mix work with re-recording mixer Gary Rizzo.


Re-recording mixer, Gary Rizzo mixing music performance scenes in the film

Sound is an important element in the film. We’ve talked about the top-notch recordings that John “JT” Torrijos captured for the film and in order for them to create that “wow” factor they have to sit just right in the soundtrack. Other recordings appear in the film from archival material and various other sources and they need to sound great too. Gary’s extensive list of credits on feature films is impressive, and he has a real passion for mixing music and making it shine.

One other treat was that filmmaker and songwriter Todd Edwards visited from Los Angeles during the mix. He lent his talents by writing and performing a song in the film which you will hear during the end credits. Todd has been a friend of Mac and Gary’s for a number of years and we are very fortunate to have an original piece of music from him in the film, which some of you may remember hearing a demo version of this at the 75th Anniversary Celebration for the Madison Scouts last September.

While we still have more work to do on the film, it’s getting closer and closer to it’s completion. Stay tuned for more info about the release date and details about how you will be able to request a one-night-only screening of “Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood” in a movie theater near you.


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