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movietheaterMany of you have been asking about when our documentary feature will be released. While we haven’t finalized the details or the dates, we can tell you that we are planning to release our drum corps movie this summer.? The movie will be available through a company that specializes in “theatrical on demand” screenings.

We have been telling you for many months that the sound in our movie is something you really have to experience.? Our co-producer, John “JT” Torrijos has come very close to reproducing what it sounds like when you sit in the front row of a stadium and hear that wall of sound from a drum and bugle corps.? He’s done this simply by testing his microphone techniques over and over again, and always trying to improve his recordings.? The best way to experience this sound is by watching and hearing the film in a movie theater in 5.1 surround sound.

What is “theatrical on demand”?

Here’s how it works:

? Visit the “screenings” page on our website (coming soon), and determine if there’s a screening happening in your area.? If there isn’t one, then request one.

? The?”theatrical on demand” company will contact you and help you decide where and when to have a screening (it’s usually scheduled about a month after your request)

? An event page goes up online and tickets are available for pre-sale. If enough tickets sell within the time allotted then the screening is a GO! (it’s very much like a Kickstarter campaign)

? Show up to the theater and enjoy your one-night only screening of our movie!

There are a few companies that have cropped up in the last couple of years that specialize in this model of distribution which is completely fan driven.? We won’t be initiating these screenings. It’s totally up to you.? We will get updates from the “theatrical on demand” company about the requested screenings, and add them to the website and make sure you have all the tools you need to have a successful screening.

In order to get the movie to screen you will need to do the leg work to let people know it’s happening and encourage them to pre-purchase tickets.? Think of this more like a concert or a play in which you have to purchase tickets ahead of time instead of at the box office when you show up.? These screenings don’t just happen at independent theaters, but these companies also work with the big theater chains (Regal, AMC, Carmike, Cinemark, etc.)

movie_theater_fear_lpl_120725_wgWhat happens if enough tickets aren’t purchased ahead of time? Then the screening doesn’t happen. No one loses money, and it’s like the screening was never going to happen.

While anyone can request a screening we’re going to focus our efforts on encouraging high school band programs around the United States to host a screening for their band. Music education has been very important to us and has helped us become who we are today.? This is a chance for us to give back, and we want to make these band screenings a fundraising opportunity for schools.? Every band is trying to raise money for instruments, uniforms, and trips.? If we can help a little bit by giving back while kids, parents and friends get to experience “Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood” and get inspired by drum corps then we’ve succeeded.

We’ll release more details about our release in the coming weeks and months, including DVD/Blu-ray and Video on Demand release. Those other formats will come out later in the year. Sign up for our email newsletter to make sure you stay up-to-date on all the news about “Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood”. If you have any questions, post a comment here, send us a message on our Facebook page, or send us a tweet.? We love interacting with our fans.

The Scouts Honor Team


8 Responses to “Theatrical On Demand”
  1. diann meek says:

    Will the movie be released in preview to those who contributed. I have put our name on the email list a couple of times and we still get nothing in the way of emailings.

    • admin says:

      We haven’t sent out an email update in a number of weeks. We’re going to make a email updates a bit more frequent. Stay tuned for additional release information, including when contributors will get their copies.

  2. Zach F says:

    Can I request “Theatrical On Demand” in the Fall when school starts back up, or will it only be available in the summer? I’m pretty sure I can get a larger number of students to attend if it is advertised during the school year. Maybe the band directors can make this a “field trip”?

    • admin says:

      Yes! Once the movie goes up on the “Theatrical on Demand”
      site it will be available for at least one year, so you can do a screening in the Fall.

  3. Whom might I contact prior to your TOD coming online? Tallgrass Film Festival occurs Oct 15-19, 2014.

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