Refining the Story


As we near picture lock on our documentary feature film we have to step back and look at the big picture. ?Are we still telling the story that we want to tell? Does the structure of the film work with a beginning, middle and end? We’ve taken scenes out, put some of them back in, rearranged them, made them shorter, created new scenes….all things to make the movie the best we can. ?There’s certainly a specific timeline in a drum corps season with auditions, monthly rehearsal camps, spring training, tour, and “Finals” at the end. ?We have tried to stick with that well defined timeframe, but sometimes scenes need to move out of order to benefit the overall story and film.

We’ve used colored note cards on a wall to represent “scenes” in the film. All the colors represent a specific thing. ?It could be a character, an informative scene, a performance, etc. ?The image is intentionally blurred so we don’t give away the story, but you can see the groupings of colors and how the movie is flowing (Top to bottom & left to right in order to fit on the wall). ?There still needs to be a bit of restructuring, but we are getting much closer.

We could keep tinkering for months and years, but at some point it’s “pencils down” as we like to say. ?Our deadlines are approaching and we are submitting to our first film festival in less than two weeks.

Wish us luck!

The Scouts Honor Team

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  1. Matt Fletcher says:

    I first learned about this film after seeing the teaser on YouTube. I am not a film maker, but I have oftem thought that doing a documentary on a season with a drum corps would be a fabulous idea. Now, someone is finally doing it!

    I am 46 years old and began following DCI in the early 1980’s through my involvement in marching band. Although I am a fan of marching music in general, I am certainly a fan of the Madison Scouts as many DCI fans are. I am very excited that you are doing this film and I can’t think of a better drum corps to bring this story to life.

    I had the opportunity to meet a handful of Madison Scouts members, including their Drum Major, in San Antonio during the 2012 season and was not only impressed with their talent but impressed with what an outstanding group of young men they are. They were humble, respectful and genuinely appreciative of the accolades I was bombarding them with. They wear that uniform with pride and represent their corps and DCI very well. I became even more of a Scouts fan that day after seeing a glimpse of what type of young men wear that uniform.

    I just wanted to say thank you for doing this film on behalf of DCI fans and Madison Scouts fans alike. Hopefully this film will introduce many people to the activity that do not already know about it. DCI is one of the best kept secrets in the entertainment world and I would love to see it continue to grow in the future. This film will no doubt help that cause.

    Thanks again for what you are doing and good luck with your work.

    Matt Fletcher
    Carlsbad, New Mexico

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