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twitter keyboardIt’s one thing to make a movie, but if not many people know it exists then what’s the point? Our target audience for the documentary are members, alumni, and fans of both drum and bugle corps and marching band. Ultimately it’s a movie that is structured to work for a wide audience so anyone can watch it and get ?something from it, but we need to primarily get people involved with the marching arts on board first. ?We talk to quite a few people face to face about the film, but there are only so many hours in the day.

Luckily there are other outlets where we can get our message across for free or for a small amount of money since we don’t have a Hollywood studio size marketing budget. ?We’ve been utilizing social media for over two years to help build our audience. ?Facebook and Twitter have been our primary channels, but we’ve also utilized Google+, Vimeo, Pinterest and YouTube.

All of these platforms are unique and pose different challenges when it comes to connecting with people. ?It’s not about blasting our message out into the ether, but getting people actively involved with our filmmaking journey. While Facebook has been our most popular platform, we’ve recently been actively engaging people on Twitter. ?We really enjoy interacting with people, learning about them and telling them about our drum corps documentary and our process. ?Our audience on Twitter tends to skew much younger than our Facebook audience. ?They tend to be mostly high school age students in marching bands across the United States. ?Some of them are on the fence about marching in a drum corps or are having trouble convincing their parents that it would be a good thing for them. ?We do all we can to encourage them that it is a positive activity for young people and that’s one of the main messages in our film.

We posed a challenge to our Twitter followers last night that if they can help us reach 2,000 followers we’ll post a deleted scene from the movie for them. ?This deleted scene was in our “rough cut” version for the 75th Anniversary screening in Madison, WI, but it has ended up on the cutting room floor (as they used to say). ?In order to reach that 2,000 follower number we need to get approximately 300 additional followers on Twitter. ?The cutoff time is 11:59pm on Sunday, January 19th. ?Please help our rabid Twitter followers reach the goal so everyone can view the deleted scene.

Speaking of deleted scenes….our?intention is to put quite a few of our deleted scenes on the “Ultimate” Blu-ray that we’re producing later this year.

Thank you for your continued support!

The Scouts Honor Team

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