Scouts’ Alumni interviewed on the Marching Roundtable

chuckmadscoutWe were very pleased this morning when we heard the new podcast episode from the Marching Roundtable. ?We knew it was going to be about the Madison Scouts’ 75th Anniversary Event and we knew who they interviewed about the festivities, but we had no knowledge of what was talked about specifically during the 45 minute interview.

Tim Hinton from the Marching Roundtable interviewed Robert Pilot (70’s Madison Scouts’ alumnus), Chuck Henson (80’s Scouts’ alumnus, and the voice of “Bands of America”), and Jay Hawkins (2012/2013 Scouts’ alumnus). ?Tom and I had the pleasure of being interviewed on this same podcast by Tim and John Bogenschutz during the summer of 2012 while we were in the midst of filming the documentary (click here to listen to that interview). ?I know Jay, and Chuck personally, but had no idea that they were interviewed until after this podcast was recorded.

All three alums gave a terrific summary of that magical weekend that we all had in Madison, Wisconsin, and did a wonderful job speaking about the brotherhood and what it means to be a Madison Scout. ?We were so pleased when we heard them mention “Scouts Honor” a number of times throughout the podcast. ?While our screening at the 75th event was a “work in progress” version of the film it was a accurate representation of what the final movie will be like, and hearing them speak about “Scouts Honor” was further encouragement that we are on the right track.

Here are two quotes about “Scouts Honor” from the podcast…

Chuck Henson: ?“You will not be disappointed…it’s a brilliant piece of film. I think everyone in the (drum corps) activity will be very proud that the Madison Scouts were the vehicle they used to tell this story.”

Robert Pilot: ?“It stands alone as a movie, not just about drum corps, but as a movie. ?It’s well done.”

Podcast Marching RTListen to the podcast by clicking the graphic on the left, and continue to help us get people excited about “Scouts Honor” via word of mouth and your social media networks.

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