The Advanced Screening at the 75th Party

This past weekend marked a milestone for both the Madison Scouts Drum & Bugle Corps and the “Scouts Honor” project.? Alumni, current Scouts, families, friends, and supporters descended on Madison, Wisconsin for a celebration of the Scouts’ 75 years of continuous operation.? Numerous activities were held, including a golf outing,? amazing displays showcasing the Scouts’ history, and a banquet on Saturday night featuring speeches from distinguished guests and a roaring performance from the Scouts’ alumni brass ensemble.

One of the goals that we set when starting out on the documentary project over two and a half years ago was to premier “Scouts Honor” at the 75th anniversary celebration.? We are extremely proud to say that we were allowed to be part of the ceremonies and we screened our unfinished, but feature-length, cut of the film twice on Saturday to a combined crowd of over 300 viewers at Monona Terrace.? Present from the production were Mac and his family, Tom, J.T., and Garrick, as well as all three of the “characters” from the documentary: ?Jo, Brandon, and Hunter.

The three gentlemen featured in the documentary: Jo, Brandon, and Hunter.

The three gentlemen featured in the documentary: Jo, Brandon, and Hunter.

After the first screening, a Q&A was held with everyone from the production and Mac was able to update everyone on the progress of the film and the work planned for the next few months.? The goal at this time is to have the finished product ready to be shopped around film festivals by the end of January 2014.

One of the great things about being able to show the film at the 75th anniversary? celebration was the honest feedback that we got from the audiences over the weekend, which we will be bringing back to the editing table as the movie takes its final shape. ? We were overwhelmed by the positive response that we received and the emotional effect that “Scouts Honor” had on the audience.? There was laughing, crying, and lots of cheering, which is exactly what we had in mind when we decided to tell this story.

Tom, Mac, JT & Garrick together at the Madison Scouts' 75th Anniversary Celebration.

Tom, Mac, JT & Garrick together at the Madison Scouts’ 75th Anniversary Celebration.

We want to sincerely thank everyone that we were able to meet with in Madison and to everyone who has supported us along the way to this milestone for the production.? Between seeing loads of old friends and the spectacular job that the Scouts did in putting on the 75th anniversary celebration, it truly was a magical weekend.

Thanks everyone,

Mac and Tom

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  1. Lori Linley says:

    Hello! My family is wondering when we will be able to see the Scouts Honor movie. We weren’t able to attend the Scouts 75th banquet but are very interested in the movie. Thanks! LL

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