The Blue Devils, the Madison Scouts & Monsters University


Recently the announcement was made that the Blue Devils drum and bugle corps from Concord, California were involved with the soundtrack for the latest Pixar film “Monsters University” (in theaters nationwide starting today). I’m certain that their distinctive sound fits in well with Randy Newman’s score. ?You ask what does this have to do with the documentary about the Madison Scouts? Well, it turns out that “Scouts Honor” co-producer, John “JT” Torrijos who works at Skywalker Sound happened to overhear a conversation with the filmmakers of “Monsters U” late last year. ?They were talking about getting a college marching band to help with the soundtrack when JT interjected and told them what they really need for their film is a drum corps. ?Instead of having to explain what he meant he shared a clip of a run-thru performance we shot of the 2012 Madison Scouts with the group from Pixar. ?They were in awe of the sound from our clip and the level of precision from the Madison Scouts. ?That’s when the decision was made what that what “Monsters University” needed was a drum corps.

One thing led to another and the Blue Devils organization was contacted about helping with the soundtrack for “Monsters University”. ?This made perfect sense since the Blue Devils are based fairly close (geographically) to where the animated film was being finished. ?Plus, the Blue Devils can easily assemble groups to do these kind of projects through their BD Entertainment division.
JT and I hung out with John Meehan, Scott Johnson and the group of percussionists from the Blue Devils while they were visiting Skywalker Sound to record their tracks, and we told them all about our documentary film.
While the “Blue Devils” and “Madison Scouts” may be groups that compete against each other there’s a new connection between these two organizations. ?We hope that through both of these films there will be more awareness of the drum and bugle corps activity that we know and love.
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  1. Kunal Bhatia says:

    Amazing soundtrack, and I had a feeling there was some connection to drum corps land! For anyone that hasn’t heard it yet, you’re in for a treat.

  2. Janet Howes says:

    U should have chosen Madison Scouts as u “scouted’, pardon the pun…them for a drum corps to do back up for the Monsters University movie…choosing local is OK too. But…I wish u would of stayed with ur first choice…

    A Loyal Madison Scout Mom – Janet Howes
    2014 – 76th YEAR OF DRUM CORPS..
    Go Scouts!

    • admin says:

      While we agree that it would’ve been amazing to utilize the corps we marched with it would’ve been difficult to pull this off with a group like the Madison Scouts. The Blue Devils are not only “local”, but they have the infrastructure to do this kind of work pretty easily with their “System Blue” off-shoot. They get hired year round to do special events and appearances so they have a number of talented people that are available without much travel needed. Anyway you slice it, it’s great for the activity and exposes more people to DCI.

  3. Janet Howes says:

    Madison Scouts are doing a documentary… can u help us ‘get it done?’…..

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