Assembling the Rough Cut

Screengrab from a scene involving Hunter & Madison Scouts' visual staff member, Nick Monzi in Mac's Final Cut Pro X project.


We must have hundreds of hours worth of HD video and audio for “Scouts Honor”. ?Our crew shot on and off for just over a year (from July 2011 through August 2012). ?Months were spent combing through the material and now we are assembling it into a story. ?There are many hours of great material, and there are a million different ways that it could be edited together. ?The trick is to figure out how to create the best story. ?Our goal has been to expose a wide audience to this activity that we know and love, and in order to do that we need to keep the audience of this film interested, and invested in the characters. ?We want to bring our audience along on the roller coaster ride of drum corps, and leave them wanting more. Perhaps we can inspire them to join a drum & bugle corps or to go seek out a live show that is coming to their town after watching “Scouts Honor”.

We’ve already put in many days of editing, and the next weeks will be spent cutting together scenes, sequences and moments that may or may not make the final cut of “Scouts Honor”. ?We can’t get to that final cut without taking our best stab at the first rough cut of the film. ?Meanwhile (while Mac is picture editing) Tom and Garrick are venturing into the land of music rights. ?At times we forget that this documentary is based on a musical activity. ?So one of the most important parts of this whole process is securing synchronization rights for the Madison Scouts’ music that we are featuring in the film. ?This can be a long process and we appreciate your patience as we navigate these waters.

There’s a good chance that you’ll see another glimpse of the movie in the form of a new teaser soon, but as of right now we are working hard to bring you the best documentary that we can. ?If you are excited about “Scouts Honor” please continue to tell your friends about it. ?Use your social connections to get the word out and encourage them to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Google+.

Thank you for your support!

Mac & Tom

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