The Final Results of the March to the Rough Cut

Hi everybody,

We want to thank everybody who participated in “The March To The Rough Cut” fundraiser!? Thanks to your support, the campaign was a huge success and the funds raised are going to go far in the post-production activity on “Scouts Honor,” including the assembling of the rough cut of the film.

As you know, the contest portion of the fundraiser included a prize of a bonus featurette for the section of the corps who received the most votes from contributors.? We sweetened the pot at the end of the campaign by offering a feature to any section which received 150 or more votes.

As of Sunday morning, the hornline and the drumline were very close, with 99 and 78 votes respectively.? However, as the day wore on, one section pulled ahead and we are pleased to announce that the hornline is the winner of “The March To The Rough Cut” fundraising contest!

The final tally is as follows:

Hornline: 150
Drumline: 84
Color Guard: 18
Front Ensemble: 15

All in all we raised? $5,766 throughout this campaign, which is fantastic!? That amount of money was raised in only 19 days! As you can tell by the total number of votes cast, a number of contributors did not place votes and instead wished to simply contribute to the project.? If you missed this campaign, but still want to help out our contribution links will remain open.? Just click on the “contribute” link above and check out the reward levels.? It’s a great way to guarantee that you’ll get a copy of the movie once it’s available.

Congratulations to all of the hornline supporters and, once again, a huge thank you to all who participated and made this fundraiser such a success!

Mac and Tom

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