Our First Editing Intern

2012 member of the Blue Devils' snareline, Adam Clay

I have to share a pretty cool experience that I had coming back from DCI Finals in Indy a couple of weeks ago. ?My crew member, Jon “JT” Torrijos and I were in the Las Vegas airport to catch our last flight home when we spotted a guy wearing a “BD” hat at our gate. ?I could tell that he was a member of the Concord “Blue Devils” (another drum corps in the same division as the Madison Scouts). We went up and introduced ourselves, and learned that his name was Adam and that he had just aged-out of the Devils. ?JT and I both told him about our documentary about the Madison Scouts and he became very interested all of a sudden. ?It turns out that not only does Adam have vast experience in drum corps, but he’s going to start pursuing a major in film and video. ?We quickly discovered that we had a mutual friend, and we also learned that we live about 15 minutes from each other. ?I told him that we were looking for editing interns for “Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood” and he showed a strong interest in the opportunity.

Over this past weekend, Adam came over to get instructions on what to do to help us out during these first stages of post production. ?Prior to our meeting he’d already been working in the editing software, Final Cut Pro X which was great, and very helpful. ?I told him a lot about the Scouts and our project and passed off a small portion of our footage to him to start organizing. ?Adam is one of three interns that will start synching the second system audio to the HD video shots and use keywords to help me access the footage more quickly when it comes to editing.

What are you talking about when you say “second system audio”? ?The majority of the shots we recorded during “Scouts Honor” were not just recorded by a camera person, but also a separate audio person. ?It’s very difficult to have a single person get good video and audio at the same time. ?While our cameras do record audio it’s rarely usable due to other noises happening in a given location. ?The drum corps activity is an extremely difficult location when it comes to getting clean audio. ?You hear drums, horns, staff speaking through a PA, and electronic metronomes. ?A dedicated sound person has microphones that are very directional and they can focus on getting the best sound possible. ?Now we need to marry the good audio with our shots so that’s one of the main tasks for our editing interns.

I’m thrilled to not only have an editing intern that’s nearby, but also one with a passion for drum corps. ?I can tell already that Adam is a great addition to the “Scouts Honor” team.


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  1. Deb Clay says:

    Awesome. Thank you Mac.

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